I finally was able to snag a laptop at the hospital so that I could send out this email. Friday night was incredible! What an amazing event you put on – every last touch was just perfect! I am sure that means that you all worked incredibly hard for a very long time. Well it paid off! Everyone I know had a wonderful time, and were so impressed with the evening! I was also so happy to finally meet many of you – you all will forever hold a special place in my heart! We continue to be so grateful to you for honoring Tori. It was so touching to see Tori’s picture on the cover of the ad journal – although still unreal to think my daughter would be on the cover of anything because she has cancer. The well wishes were beautiful – so many kind people out there……such comforting words!

So thank you again for a wonderful night, and for being the people you are – we are all so fortunate to know you!!!

Wamest regards,
Dana (& Chris)

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