Thanks again for the tremendous support and generosity yesterday, today and over the coming days. I am truly amazed at what happened in 13 hours yesterday. Based on a few calls and an email chain, at 8 pm last night we packed up the 2 cars full of new clothes and toys (all wrapped) as well as bags of hand-me-downs and sent them down to Toms River (and ultimately on to the family in LBI today). More clothes, gift cards, and food are still being donated and will be provided over the next week or so to the Alvarado’s. We also have cash left over from the cash donations and will be using money to pay some of their bills over the next month or 2 which should greatly ease the burden on this family in these winter months.

I want to thank you again and wish you all Happy Holidays.

Best regards

Dear Jenn and Chris,

Words cannot express how amazing your family is. You have created a magical, once in a lifetime Christmas for the Alvarado family. Beth went right into action to go above and beyond for the Alvarado family. Your hearts are so BIG! Today, Maria the mother was so overcome by your generosity that she cried and cried tears of joy. Maria just found out today that she may soon require a liver transplant, so your generosity was just the thing she needed at this moment in her difficult life. Maudy was ecstatic when I had dropped off a couple of presents to her family today and cheered that they were going to have a Christmas with presents this year! The children have never had new clothes to call their own, this Christmas will be amazing for them! I can’t wait to hear how excited and shocked they will be when they see all of the presents that you have sent them…there are so many it is amazing! From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the moon and back! The kids are going to be so happy and will know that Santa did not forget them this year! You are the BEST!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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