Local teen, Mia Stavola from Ranney High School, stepped up and made a difference in a big way.  Her efforts of volunteerism and charitable giving reached countless families throughout the Monmouth County area. 

A tower of 1000 diapers illustrates the magnitude of giving back to the community. These donated diapers were delivered to the Bayshore Family Success Center which serves as a community-based, family-centered neighborhood gathering place where community residents can go for family support, information and services. 

Mia’s passions made an impact during the holiday season where she supported the Raine Foundation in their efforts to make the holidays magical for local families in crisis.  She sought after donations and provided hundreds of dollars in gift cards that were distributed by the army of volunteers at Raine to those in need so their families could experience joy. 

The culmination of her giving back was a $3000 investment from “many generous donors” as she referenced to HFCF.  HFCF provides help, hope and happiness for children and their families in Monmouth County. Over the last 14 years, this 100% volunteer-based organization has sought after ways to make a difference in the everyday lives of those struggling.   Whether it be offering financial assistance, keeping underprivileged fed, clothed and in a warm environment or offering support to families that have suffered setbacks due to hardship, sickness or loss, HFCF has helped. 

HFCF has had success uniting charities throughout the state in order to have a greater impact.  Mia’s acts of kindness illustrate the power of expanding your reach to look at the broader needs of those in the surrounding area to make a difference.  Eric Hinds, HFCF President shared, “We are simply inspired by Mia Stavola’s energy and commitment to volunteer and take action.  She is a true leader in her community and we thank her and the countless supporters who contributed to her efforts.”

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