SHREWSBURY, NJ (Date) – On Friday, May 22nd, employees and managers from International Planning Alliance, LLC (IPA), met with members of Habitat for Humanity and HFCF to begin rebuilding a local home in Port Monmouth that was destroyed after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The house is scheduled to be completely rebuilt by August of 2015.

Habitat for Humanity scheduled the house rebuilding alongside HFCF, a homegrown nonprofit organization in Monmouth County. The two nonprofits will be working together for the duration of the summer until the house is completely rebuilt. In addition to this collaboration, local businesses and residents were invited to participate and give back to their community. These volunteers included International Planning Alliance, which is a financial services organization and a General Agency of The Guardian Insurance Company of America. The Shrewsbury office volunteered to spend the day assembling and installing the frame of the house. In total, 16 people, including managers, financial advisors, and staff, from IPA worked with 2 Habitat for Humanity employees on the project, starting at 9 a.m. and ending around 3 p.m.

“It was really exciting to have the opportunity to meet the members of Habitat for Humanity and HFCF,” explained Steven Cucinelli, the Managing Director for IPA. “It was also wonderful to meet Mrs. Henn, the woman whose home we’re rebuilding and learn all about her family and the struggle they’ve been going through for the last 3 years.”

“International Planning Alliance’s mission is to improve the lives of our clients and our community,” said Gerald Clericuzio, the Chairman of International Planning Alliance. “We work every day to help our clients plan for a happier and securer financial future and I’m honored that our team has made the effort to give back and help rebuild a local home.”

Additionally, as Habitat for Humanity and HFCF continue to work on rebuilding, IPA is hoping to continue volunteering. “As the summer progresses, some of our employees are planning to devote Friday afternoons to helping rebuild the home,” added Anthony Campanile, Managing Director of IPA. “Seeing the way our team works so flawlessly with our clients, it’s great to learn that that kind of comradery being applied to giving back to the community.”

For more information about financial strategies, visit International Planning Alliance website: To learn more about volunteering for rebuilding, visit HFCF’s website:

About International Planning Alliance, LLC

Founded in 1999, International Planning Alliance, LLC is a financial services organization and General Agency of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. IPA was created with the purpose of providing their clients with the highest performing financial products and services to reduce risk and increase assets. International Planning Alliance works to help both individuals and employers fulfill their responsibilities and build a better tomorrow. Habitat for Humanity and HFCF are not affiliated with or endorsed by IPA or Guardian. 2015-7013 Exp 6/16

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