Hi ladies!!
Happy New Year to you and your and of course the rest of the HFCF family. Hope you had a beautiful holiday season! I just wanted to drop a quick note to touch base and also let you know how school is going. I LOVE IT!!! I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for this opportunity!
Academically I’m doing better than I ever imagined was possible. I’ve aced almost every single test I’ve taken to date. In the salon I’m doing very well too. That’s definitely MUCH harder than I expected but every day we learn something new and fun. So far I have already dabbled in makeup, facials, waxing, massage(I loveee), nails(manicuring & artificial), and of course… hair- cutting, coloring, perming, braiding, styling…I could go on!
Right now we are learning all about wigs. I’m a big hit in class because I know so much already and have so many. Also, everyone knows how interested I am to have a career(volunteer work) with cancer and/or alopecia patients and clients.

Be happy and healthy!!

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