Asbury Park, NJ – February 20, 2013 – HFCF’s $10,000 support of Big Brothers Bigs Sisters of Monmouth & Middlesex County will provide six kids in Monmouth County with a mentor as well as helping to sustain the agency’s 1:1 mentoring program.
“The members of HFCF appreciate all that BBBS does to help children in need within our community. We are happy to provide resources to ensure that this wonderful organization can continue to foster meaningful relationships between a caring Big Brother or Sister and a child in need of a positive role model. Through the agency’s Make A Match Happen program, the lives of so many children are positively impacted by mentors who volunteer their time to make a difference,” said Karen Hinds, Treasurer of HFCF.
For over 10 years, HCFC has been making a difference in our community and have donated over a million dollars to local charities and families in need of assistance. They have been supporting the kids served by Big Brothers Big Sisters since 2008.
“We are so proud to be a partner with HCFC. Together we offer children in Monmouth County a brighter future,” said William Salcedo, BBBSMMC Executive Director. HCFC’s generous donation will give these kids a positive role model in their lives. Someone to listen, offer advice, provide insight, and open them to a world of new experiences that can have a profound impact on the rest of their lives.”
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth & Middlesex Counties is a donor and volunteer supported non-profit organization that has been matching children facing adversity with volunteer positive role models for 1:1 mentoring since 1976.

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