Karen, Eric, and Marybeth,

Please, please extend my thanks to your board and everyone that came to visit this evening. I know we held you captive for a long time, but our team is just so proud of the work they do, and so grateful for the philanthropic support that makes it happen, that we just love to show the unit and share all the exciting advancements. I’m glad you got to see the pediatric unit “before”, and can’t wait to have you come back when it’s renovated and the new TVs are in so you can see the “after”.

Marybeth, thanks for the offer of those teddy bears—the kids will be thrilled.

And lastly, I hope that you are all very proud of what you do. I know I’ve said it before, but I have been continually impressed by your mission and the integrity with which you accomplish it. You’ve generated a supportive following, committed volunteers, and are clearly making a difference in the lives of many children in our community. On behalf of our entire team here at the hospital, we can’t thank you enough.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Jennifer Brown
Major Gifts Officer
K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital
Jersey Shore University Medical Center Foundation

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